E. 2012

EVOLUTION 2012 is a distinctive collection of patterns in which one pattern evolves naturally from another using a common vocabulary of stitches. A revolutionary idea in the knitting world inspired by the process the great biologist, Darwin described as “Endless forms, most beautiful, and most wonderful.” Imagined and developed by Twiss & Webber, this innovative approach guarantees that knitters of all skill levels get the results they want without sacrificing style.

New knitters will adore the fashionable projects and will be encouraged to learn more about their craft. Plus, all of the EVOLUTION 2012 collection features a graduated learning system so that knitters find it easy to absorb new techniques. Seasoned knitters will love Twiss &Webber’s original attitude as well as their time-saving methods and the concise language. After all, just because a piece looks complicated doesn’t mean the instructions have to be. Even the most experienced knitter can feel overwhelmed. 

EVOLUTION 2012 is about sleek and modern knitwear designed to flatter for knitters of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Patterns that can be built from any yarn that grabs your attention. 

There are four lines  within the collection. Each with its own irreplaceable flavour.
  • Vertical Lines: Just as the photo above and below suggests funky and fun, this series is knit left to right. You’ll love the results.