Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Halo Vest

Halo Vest is knit vertically and worked from the right side to left side of body; special increasing and decreasing stitches have been created in order to get the curves of
the armholes just right.

The pattern is written to create your own unique fabric and color combination: a gradation effect using three colors of yarn. Of course you can knit it all in a solid color, too - just ignore the color instructions.

This is a closely fitted vest pattern, ribbed at the hem, rolled collar and designed with a youthful t- back. Knit in a size larger for a looser and cozier feel or knit to your size for a more fitted and tailored look. A contemporary style designed with four strands of steadfast Cascade 220 yarn in mind.

The Halo Vest is a great piece to layer for coolers days, and adds a bit of stylish fun to any outfit. This is a go-to piece in any wardrobe and great for back to school. Wear the vest open or use a button, chopstick, or belt to secure.

Knit with the gradation in mind makes for a great yarn buster. When using up stash yarn, sit back and watch to see what fabric you create. Have fun with it -- but for best results, stick with yarns of similar weight and do take the time to check your gauge.