Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Knit Noro: 30 Designs in Living Color

The first time I ever laid eyes on a skein of Noro Yarn I was in New York City back in the 00s. Today, I couldn’t tell you which yarn shop as I was at as I was booting it from shop to shop checking out each space as fast as I could in order to meet up with my husband a few short hours later. What I do remember is that this Noro yarn spoke to me. Never before had I seen such a combination of fibres, such earthy, acidy colours, such texture. Choosing was the difficult part. Which Noro yarn? Which tone variation? Which skein?! One thing was certain, which ever I chose I would covet. Then, what would I knit from it?

Years later, Knit Noro: 30 Designs in Living Color came in the mail. I wish this book existed when I first encountered this lovely yarn.

All items of knitwear from cardigans to gloves to afghans are presented in this book. My favorite is the Felted Cloche hat. A charming shape and so clever to full this special yarn. To take this yarn to another level of texture and comfort is an example of the quality of the collection of patterns in this book. Again, the yarn takes on an appeal that none can after a good shrinking.

Deliberately constructed patterns of fabric can bring out the yarn and the yarn can bring out the fabric. Each project is unique to each hank or skein used. No two of the same project can be duplicated with Noro yarn because of its unique qualities. This book brings out the yarn as a book for its namesake should.

Some other interesting pattern techniques to get the best from the yarn are: using two separate balls for contrast, knitting a fair isle cardigan with a corrugated ribbing, bias knitting for a throw, knitting entrelac resulting in a delightful scarf. There, just a few to tease.

The photography is beautiful. The styling professional. The models appear worldly, kind and exotic photographed in front of Indochine wall papers and sophisticated props nearby. The photos highlight each project and are well presented in a groups so not to overwhelm the reader.

The instructions appear to be clear, well charted and contain the basic information all knitters need to tackle a project.

This book Knit Noro: 30 Designs in Living Colour makes my heart flutter. Thank you Eisaki Noro for making these beautiful yarns for almost a half century and for sharing them with us.

-Laura Twiss

Knit Noro: 30 Designs in Living Color

Sixth & Spring Books

$29.95 CAD